How to create the specific dial pattern in the free PBX outbound routes GUI?

Hi can anyone please assist me, and how to create an outbound dial pattern for the following number 0026461235424.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated

Thanks Stoemy

The answer to the question asked is:

But I suspect that is not what you are looking for, are you attempting to match a range of numbers to a specific format?


Hi Lorne

I have already tried your suggestion and a few others, and none of them seem to work.

The ones I have tried include the following:




All of these don’t seem to work, do you have any other suggestions that I could try please as I am currently very stuck all my local calls are working just fine.

It is just this international number that I am struggling with to create a outbound dialing pattern in free PBX.

Your help is greatly appreciated thanks very much.

Kind regards,

Mark Stoermer

All of those dial patterns will work for the number you provided in your first post. If outbound calls are failing, it is probably not due to your outbound route dial patterns.


Thanks for your prompt reply …okay now that we know the problem is not with the outbound dial pattern.

I went ahead and watched what actually happens in the background while I am placing a cool to the specified number in the fund the following error:

[2017-08-14 16:05:48] ERROR[26563]: phone_message.c:1645 build_dialplan_routing: Unable to build dialplan routing - invalid license
[2017-08-14 16:05:48] WARNING[26563]: res_digium_phone.c:1898 reload: No Valid DPMA License found. Module is loaded but disabled. Please reload module once valid license is installed.

It seems that the module is enabled on my free PBX so how would I go about renewing the license thereof?

Do you have any ideas how to correct this? If you do help would be greatly appreciated please.

Kind regards,

Mark Stoermer