How to create independent log file for each call

I need separated call log files.
how to create independent log file for each call?
if someone know this, please help me.

Hi @beatificangel
Not sure, pls check below module maybe will cover your request.

that is premium addons.
that is very expensive.
and then that is not suitable for our goal.

So what exactly is your goal ?

Current about call. error. notice, dtmf part, it will be saved to full.log file.
ofc we can filter error, notice, dtmf , call part separately via GUI.
but it can not seperate each call log file
I want to make call_${CHANNEL} (for example) log file each calls.
it is possible?

No that is not possible, Your better goal would be to get the basics of linux down, grep and sed would be a good starting point, nobody will spoon feed you here but there is a thing called google that might point you in the right direction. your ongoing lack of disclosure and possible deceitfulness here in these fora are well noted by the cognoscente .

I dont understand what you say.
I post only problems that i dont know.
this is problem?

Some of us do though. Your problem, not ours. Again , what you ask in this thread is NOT possible, do you accept that ?

i see.

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