How to create inbound and outbound trunks

Recently installed freepbx. As I am newbie, I searched this forum for configuring Freepbx as a gateway for inbound and outbound sip calls.
I found that to connect to external gw, I can make configuration like:
add a Trunk; Trunk Name: ABC
And put the information in Peer Details ONLY, and DO NOT add anything in Incoming Settings;

host= # IP address of your gw

And than add the Outbound Routes for;


For the incoming calls, I am confused. Should I create trunk with only details in incoming setting like:

secret= password
type= peer

Should I have to add anything in outgoing settings?

Look here - - may not apply to you but the config should work okay. Whos the provider ? Have they not sent you the config ?

 Thank you for the reply. I checked the site.That gives configuration for 1 provider only. I want to make freepbx to route calls coming from 1 provider to the terminating end like quintum tenor AX. 

I found way to make trunk for outbound calls with the above setting. But I am confused, when a provider want to send me calls through a ip, which I want to route to terminating end through Freepbx, which could monitor all the calls.

I found one setup for tribox to tribox connecting through IAX2 trunk. This guide tells to create 2 trunks in 2 triboxes with outgoing and incoming settings for each other. But for me, I want to have 1 trunk for incoming calls, and another for outgoing only. I couldn’t create trunk with only incoming settings. Should I need to have outbound settings also configured in it?.
Please give some suggestions.