How to create freepbx trunks and connect it with gsm gateway like 'goip'

I am a beginner on Asterisk and FreePBX and now I am trying to connect (Goip) the gsm gateway with FreePBX.
my OS centos 6

I would like to know the following
what steps to create the trunks on FreePBX 14
how to find my server port or how to change it to 1221 instead 5060
how to create sip test account on asterisk after I successfully connect the gsm gateway with FreePBX

I don’t mind to pay for any help please leave your skype here for contact thanks

thank you


Hello Was this answered?
I am having issues with the goip and freepbx 15

It was, just not in this thread.

I’m tempted to answer “Sucks to be you” but that’s mean and I don’t feel like being a complete jerk today. Did you post the problems in another thread, or are you looking for reassurance that we have confidence that you’ll figure it out?

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