How to create freepbx Distro instance on Google Cloud GCP

(Chaudhary) #21

I think so but not confirmed about the distro image. this machine is ubuntu/redhat yum update can’t work. I’m surprised regarding linux flavor. I checked firewall rule allowed already http/s traffic . however i update it via apt-get install update command and rebooted machine but no luck .

(Moussa) #22

what do you use to access the GCP server? gcloud SDK or terminal?

(Chaudhary) #23

I put public ip address of GCP server on chrome and firefox with http/https protocol and tried to access on those browsers.

(Moussa) #24

Sorry, I wanted to ask about SSH?

(Chaudhary) #25

I just right click on “ssh” drop down under “connect” against my launched machine on GCP console, it gives me ssh console .

(Moussa) #26

Just checking. When you click on your instance to view the VM instance’s details and under Network interfaces, you see an IP unter External IP, right?

(Chaudhary) #27

yes i see them . It is understood that server has proper ip address internal and external after checking inside server via command " ifconfig " too.

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