How to create custom extension


I installed PBX in a flash, which includes FreePBX 2.4. I’m a new user to Asterisk/PBX. Following the documentation, easy to understand GUI (thanks to FreePBX team), I easily created a trunk, an extension, an inbound route, an outbound route. Now I can receive calls, place calls using my softphone.

Now I want to receive the call to my java program. I’m using Asterisk-Java, but this integration requires me to create a custom extension. I added a custom entry to extensions_custom.conf, and reloaded the extensions in CLI. From “Tools/Custom Extensions” menu, I created an extension 1300 but that doesn’t show up in the inbound route screen. Without that I cannot tie an inbound route to this custom extension

I appreciate any help or any lead to the documentation



In 2.4, you need to add a custom context under the tools tab, then it will available to you in inbound routes.