[HOW TO] create a Simple IVR for a given timespace

I want to create a simple IVR in combination with a FritzBox 7590.
My problem is, that i cannot even call the FreePBX to listen to a Demo IVR. What exactly do i need for this? Is this even possible?

A registered endpoint would allow you to call an IVR on the FreePBX box.

Typing Fritzbox in the forum search returns:

Which Endpoint do you mean exactly?
I just want a IVR which i can turn on between 4pm and 7am. Its sounds so easy but the freePBX is a bit overkill for my understanding.
Thanks for the quick answer.

If you really “just want to create the IVR”. the steps are well documented in the Wiki. Here’s a summary"

  • Create a Time condition. I prefer positive ones that don’t cross day boundaries, so create one for ‘go to phone’ or whatever you do during the day.
  • Record your IVR announcement. Write it first and cover all of the options, you want to add. (1 for whatever, 2 for whatever. dial the extension, etc.)
  • Set up the IVR in the IVR menu.
  • Point the “not during the period” leg of the time condition at your IVR.

You’re done. It’s all right there on the screen, but if you are still having problems, let us know.

BTW: IVR means “Interactive Voice Response” so when we say IVR, we mean something where you press ‘1’ for sales, etc. If you actually want a simple announcement followed by a hang-up or straight to voicemail, those are different than an IVR and are implemented other ways.

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