How to create a forwarding extenetion


All i Want is that extenetion 130 for instance will be forwarded to 30.

130 dont need to be registerd to any device, its what i call think a virtual extention.

I need this because we assigned new extension numbers when we moved from analog pbx to freepbx, but our people still have their old extention number written on their calling cards, and we cant replace all the cards currently.

so basically i want people from inside and outside will be able to call the old extensions until we replace all the cards

I pretty sure that Call Fwd only works with registered Extn’s. The way to check is to create Extn 130, enable Voicemail and then log into the extension via the web portal and set unconditional Call Fwd to Extn 30. Then go back to the Extn settings and disable Voicemail.

Call Extn 130 and if your lucky it will Fwd to Extn 30. If not then it will only work if the initial extension if registered.

As an alternative, why don’t you set up the actual handset with both extensions on different lines, that way you get the best of both worlds.

Create a virtual 130 and setup find me follow me to dial 30.

I would use a Misc. destination.