How to create a elastix module?

Hi all,

I want to create a new elastix module for my office. But I don’t know starting from where. Please help me!

Thanks so much!

This is FreePBX site not Elastix. Not sure what you are asking for from us?

Elastix and FreePBX have very different modules and as a result different ways of accomplishing what you want to accomplish. First you need to decide if you want an Elastix module or if you are really trying to build a FreePBX module (which Elastix 2.x uses behind the scenes and is accessible in unembedded mode or through your web browser at /admin).

Once you determine exactly what type of module you are trying to build, while not a requirement, I highly recommend you sit down and sketch out the module or at the very least write down the goals you have and what you plan to accomplish before starting. After that, feel free to look at the developer documentation. You can find the FreePBX documentation in our Developer Corner on the Wiki and the Elastix documentation on their site under the Developer tab.