How to convert a stock CentOS 7.x to the FreePBX Distro

Anyone willing to tell how to convert a FreePBX 13.0.31 to a distro version?

Loading the Distro, as per the documentation, will overwrite what is ever on the server. So once the distro is installed CentOS 7 will no longer be the OS. So that means whatever you already have configured for FPBX will need to be backed up and restored since it will be deleted.

This is a hosted box and I don’t have access to it.
Any other ideas?

Is it a dedicated box, as in physical server, or a virtual server? Either way you need some remote console access that will allow you to mount the ISO to boot from. Have you checked with the hosting provider if this was possible or if they had a “remote hands” service to do the install for you?