How to convert a stock CentOS 6.x to the FreePBX Distro

All fixed

Someone mentioned this was working on a Rackspace VM. Before I jump in, any chance the script might be able to run on a clean CentOS EC2 VM?

jehowe - Why not use one of the certified FreePBX hosting providers (my company is one of them)? You get the distro pre-installed.

We also support IPSEC VPN connections (to my knowledge the only provider that offers this) and full http and ssh access via a secure SSL portal.

Please go to the sponsors page here at and click on Micro Advantage. A link to our latest price sheet is on the home page.

I know my opinion is somewhat biased, using a provider that specializes in VoIP assures you that you will have an optimized VM and high quality IP connectivity for trunking.

Good luck with your installation

Thanks Skyking, I appreciate your input as always. I’m dipping my feet into an edge case project using the AWS environment. The PBX side has a lot of customizations and backend dependencies, which I don’t believe would lend itself well to outside hosting.

Interestingly, I never would have considered something like AWS in the past, but we’re looking at their ‘enhanced networking’ instances which on paper and anecdotally, seem well suited for voice. As always, the proof will be in the pudding.

I’ll try the script and see what happens- as an alternative AWS allows VMware image imports.

Also, I had no idea anyone was offering IPSEC connections. I have a client or two which might be interested in those services.

Excuse my ignorance but what’s AWS and how does it relate to Rackspace?

The IPSEC product has proven to be a major differentiator. Makes doing QoS much easier (only one flow to prioritize), never a NAT issues and we can securely provision and manage remote phones. We also lease Juniper security appliances at a very low cost for a “PBX in a box deal”

These are very exciting times, going to be testing the WebRTC client. I am hoping it works through the SSL portal. What that means is we will be able to supply a completely secure hosted PBX (no public foortpring) and still allow softphones and remote administration with no client required.

These are very exciting times, and thanks for letting me talk about Micro Advantage.

AWS is short for ‘Amazons Web Service’ ecosystem which includes the EC2 platform, a Rackspace competitor. I hope to try the script on a clean CentOS VM at Amazon this week and see what happens.

Thanks for sharing your company details Skyking, I didn’t know anyone was offering IPSEC tunnels. I’d be interested to hear what you are doing with WebRTC and how you’re able to work SIP into it.

I didn’t have to do anything, did you see Schmooze’s announcement of the first WebRTC soft phone?

I have centos 6.4 on Amazon AWS and am in the process of installing FreePBX using your script. I want to asterisk 11 with FreePBX distribution. How should I upgrade asterisk to asterisk11 after running your script?

I converted my stock centos 6.3, and now I am locked out. After configure the username and password I now get a page w/ the following message.\

"Outbound Call Limit Copyright 2014 by Schmoozecom, Inc., All rights reserved By installing, copying, downloading, distributing, inspecting or using the materials provided herewith, you agree to all of the terms of use as outlined in our End User Agreement which can be found and reviewed at built from "

I read some where i can remove this module from the command line using the amportal module_admin, but can not figure how to use.

any help w/ the syntax or just getting passed this page is greatly appreciated.

During the install I saw a LOT of errors relating to missing asterisk group. when it was done, the web server is not running and asterisk doesn’t appear to be running. this was on a fairly base centos 6.5 64 bit install with really nothing but Webmin installed.

Any idea…

Errors are kind of important to read, the indicate what your problem is, “LOTS of errors” is not good, but if you think about it, how could anyone reasonable help you here if you don’t say what even one of those errors was?