How to connect two asterisk servers when one is in private IP?

Dear Sir,

I want to connect my two asterisk servers one in Public IP(Server_RIP) and the other Server(Server_PIP) in private IP with internet connection.

  1. I want extensions of Server_RIP should call extensions of Server_PIP.
  2. I want extensions of Server_RIP should call to the SIP trunk associated with Server_PIP.
  3. I want all incoming calls to Server_RIP should pass to all extensions and SIP trunk of Server_PIP.

I need your kind co-operation.


Use host=dynamic in the trunk settings for the machine without the static IP and have that machine register with the machine with static IP.

Is this a question about static/dynamic IP or is this a question of public/private IP?

I’d take SkykingOH’s comment as: have the private box register with the public box.

Yes, Nark said it better than I/me (I don’t have a fancy MBA).

In the trunk on the static machine program the peer as host=dynamic

In the trunk on the machine with the dynamic IP program a registration string that registers to the machine with the static IP.

The purpose of registration is to inform the server of an endpoint peers IP address.

Nothing fancy about it! :wink: but, it did teach me to nitpick details now and then.

Dear SkykingOH & Mark Piontek,

Thank you very much for your kind help. I did as you advised(host=dynamic) and now it is working.
Thanks again.


I think SkykingOH gets all the credit here. Especially since if it wasn’t for prior help from him - I’d have never learned anything!