How to connect a trunk to service on IncrediblePBX

Hello All,

i have Voip service with using polycom phone that connects to them directly. I would like to instead connect a trunk to them instead of the phone and connect the phone to the PBX instead.

Some more info:
I setup IncrediblePBX on a rasberryPI and google voice as a Trunk to be able to send faxes.
Had some ip phones lying around and decided to connect them to the system. They work so good, i would like to create a trunk to my home VoIP provider. Problem is they do not offer SIP service, just VoIP (or whatever the proper terminology is) for IP phones. My problem is that i cannot figure out how to create the Trunk. Tried reading up on it, tried a few configs but nothing worked.

Google voice was so easy to setup and since it is similar in function as what i want to do, i figure there must be a way. Just can’t figure it out on my own.

I don’t want to switch providers and get a dedicated SIP trunk since is what i also use for my business lines.

Can someone help?

Hello all,

can someone help me with this?
I would really appreciate.