How to configure Twilio high availability trunks

Hello, all. I’m a new FreePBX admin and in the process of configuring an instance of FreePBX 15 with a Twilio trunk. Essentially, how does one configure FreePBX for a fail-over trunk? I configured our system with a DID with an Ohio area code and everything worked as expected. I was told that number wasn’t wanted and to change it to a Minnesota area code. After re-configuring the number, no calls could connect. Long story short, I found that data was coming from Twilio’s Oregon POP, not the Virginia one. After some research, I reconfigured the Twilio Origination URI’s to be like this:

Origination URI Priority Weight
sip:;transport=tls;region=us1 10 10
sip:;transport=tls;region=us2 20 10

That fixed the errors dialing into our system, but brings up the question of what happens if the VA (region=us1) fails over to OR? How would I account for the fact SIP is now originating calls from a different POP?

Thank you for your kind attention,

  • chris

That depends on what is ‘failing over’ and why , if you need to have many acceptable sources, then using chan_pjsip for your trunks makes that quite easy just add them all.

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