How to configure the new Property Manager app

Checking out the new Property Manager app and need some help.

I have been wanting this app for a very long time. So I’m determined to make it work.

When I log in I get Warning! Your property is not configured. Please configure your property to continue.
So I check the config.

General, Hotel mode not slave.
Features, turn them all on.
Company, looks good to me
Email setting, look good here
Dialplan, auto-configured correctly.
Taxes, I don’t think this part is completed. I can create a tax formula as I should with local, state and other components
Discounts, not going to give any as this time
Customer ticket, don’t know what this does yet.

Add a room type, Double, $195.00 or something
On to add a room. and room type
in user manager need to create a group with HPMS as the type

I try to check a room in, but I have an error
There are no configured group privileges, please finish configuration before proceeding.

STUCK. can’t log in a guest.

Documentation is being worked on and why the module is in edge. Please let us get documentation done first.


At first, you need to create 4 groups within HPMS Directory ( just an example but 4 anyway ).

  • Receptionist,
  • Accountings
  • Restaurant
  • Customer Hotel.

Next add some users within each group excepted Cutomer Hotel.
Each room extensions should not be included in any group during the creation (so, no user manager account) It will be added during each check-in and check-out.
Next go to Config / Privileges and select the good groups for each one.
Once done, you should see the number of users in close each goup.

If you don’t see anything (still empty), then uninstall PMS, check if you are no HPMS directory.after uninstall. And reinstall again.
Maybe an old version has been installed bedore, and provides this issue.

To create a room you need to create some room types of course.
Next, add some rooms (Room 100; 101, 102 …Etc)
If you go to Room List, you should see the list of the rooms.

If all charges (taxes) and all billing rates are entered no problem.
Otherwise you need to create some outbound routes.
Declare an emergency into Config / General / Diaplan once an emergency route will be declared into FreePBX.

Don’t forget to create an extension for receptionist. (100 by default).
Replace it with the good extension number.

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Where is the HPMS Directory?

Have you looked at the Wiki?

Under userman / Group / HPMS or Property Management

I’ll give this a look. I haven’t seen this doc before, so it will be a lot of fun to work with. The needs in this location are sparse. You get a room with a toilet and a shower. All other amenities, you’re on your own. I doubt they’ll even run any check in or check out through the PBX. The whole goal here is to provide communication between the front office and the rooms, and none between the rooms themselves. That, along with a wakeup call function will be it. Truth, I don;t know that PMS is even needed here, but I’ll give it a run.

SPM provides some features to manage Hotels. Not only to allow the call between rooms.
Indeed, you need to read the document on our Wiki. :slight_smile:

The downside of this module is that I have maybe two hotels that could use it. The rest won’t even give it the time of day (no matter their size) due to corporate and that they have to use the PMS system corporate provides/approves.

I had to invest in middleware in order to make FreePBX/Asterisk viable for those hotels. Which allows their PMS system to talk to FreePBX and update rooms/voicemail details straight from their PMS.

Can you tell me the middleware as have immediate need for that. Need to connect to Oracle Pms

DuVoice is what I use but it’s not cheap and you need to write the APIs for FreePBX to update details. Not hard but like I said not cheap either.

there is a PMS interface that started off as a module for FreePBX then 360 Networks purchased it and now resells a Freepbx with PMS interface.

Do you own the API that DuVoice created for you?

360 Networks has been defunct since 2011. Are you sure you’re referring to the right company?

I think Doug would argue that point with you.

Well the problem here is that 360Networks, Inc. was around from late 90’s/early 2000’s until 2011 when Zayo acquired them. Up until that point they were a big player in Telecom.

So that’s where my confusion came from, you’re referring to an LLC using a name that was used by a major dot-com company that ceased operating. My Google searches for 360 Networks PMS FreePBX lead to all the FreePBX PMS stuff and links about 360Networks, Inc (old articles about the buyout, etc).

Thanks for clarifying.

Tom, do you own the software DuVoice created for you or is it a license?

If you’re referring to the API listener, no. I wrote that myself.

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