How to configure my freepbx to call from my mobile fone to the asterisk extension

hi i am using freepbx and want to configure the asterisk to call to the asterisk extension how could it be possible.

You need to stop double posting. When I go looking at new messages that I’ve not read I keep finding the same request rewritten by you as another request just a minute or two after the other.

Double posting to this extreme will get you ignored by the people you want help from VERY quickly.

If you have additional details or want to state it differently either go back in and re-edit your message or reply to your own message with more details.

At the same time please try and post future posts under the proper area.

You’ve posted all of them under tips and trick but nothing in your post is a tip or trick. The section has a description of “Offer advice on usage and customizations to fellow FreePBX users here.” A better place would have been Installation “Help with installation/upgrading Freepbx”.

At the same time please try and don’t post a question about a problem under the documentation sections as almost nobody goes looking to answer question in those sections. Comments are enabled in those sections so that corrections, additional documentation,etc can be added to what is there, not for people with issues to raise questions.

At the risk of sounding rude, you need to do some studying or just hire one of us to configure these machines to do what you want them to do. You haven’t provided enough details in any of these 5 posts that any of us can take and help you solve your problem.

thanks for your suggestion next time i will keep in mind all the things you have saggested to me