How to configure FreePBX and Beronet BFSB2S0 ISDN Gateway

Hi there,
I want to use my Beronet BFSB2S0 as ISDN Gateway so that I can make all my outgoing calls over ISDN.
But how can I realize this?
I guess i first have to add an Trunk with the Beronet and than I have to define an outbound route ? But how can I define a Trunk using the Beronet.
It is not an PCI card, so I think I that I cannot use DADHI

I think you have already mentioned that I am a FreePBX newbie :-))


You should configure a SIP trunk with your gateway. After setting up the trunk you should configure an outbound route to this SIP trunk.

Of course that you should allow the sip connections from the ISDN gateway as well. Most probably you would also have to configure the inbound/outbounds routes.

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Daniel Friedman
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