How to clear input form


I must have been asleep, but I foolishly put my user name into the User Manager search field. Now the field keeps populating with my user name and I cannot see any of the users as my user name has none assigned it.

Short story, how can I remove this info from FreePBX?

The held info keeps populating:

Configure your browser not to auto-populate the field.

how do i do that?

This is the field. "input class=“form-control” type=“text” placeholder=“Search”

I am thinking this is held in freepbx…

Your thinking is wrong. The browser is auto-populating the field. Open the page in another browser or in incognito mode to confirm.

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works in incognito mode, thank you. I think it must be a cookie. I’ve deleted all the related U/Ps and it still populates.

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