How to change the user agent on the PJSIP trunk?


I have a PJSIP trunk and would like to change the User agent.

From what I have seen in the GUI only the option for CHAN_SIP is available.

I have changed the user agent in /etc/asterisk/pjsip.conf but every time I restart or apply a change the change is deleted.

So I would like to know how to change the user agent and that the change does not go away every time I apply or restart.

In the file pjsip_custom_post.conf

user_agent=Krusty The Clown

At least in theory, you should be able to add the following to pjsip.registration_custom_post.conf:


I have not tried this to ensure that it works, though.

Thank you, I’ve tried it and it works.

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