How to change the text in the Voicemail to Email that I receive?

Hi everyone,

I want to change the voicemail message and the from field in the e-mails that I receive when there is a voicemail left. Also, I would like to know where this context is defined. Does it do a system() call and calls a php script to send the e-mail?


Select Voicemail Admin and then settings. Look at the field emailbody.

Thanks. I see all the settings there.

But I don’t think the content message is there. For example this part, “Just wanted to let you know you were just left a …”

Which file would contain that info?

P.S. the e-mail body field is empty right now but I am receiving content so that is probably not the place it’s set for right now?

It probably defaults if not specified. It would default to something compiled into asterisk. I set the string emailbody to

${VM_NAME},\n\nThere is a new voicemail in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}:\n\n\tFrom:\t${VM_CALLERID}\n\tLength:\t${VM_DUR} seconds\n\tDate:\t${VM_DATE}

and it works…

Amazing. That works. Thanks.

Two things left:

1- The from has the name Asterisk PBX to it. I can’t find the setting for that. I found the from email address and that works fine but From NAME is not mentioned in the settings

2- What is the variable to extension Display Name to be used rather than $VM_NAME which translates into extension number.

#2 - I think VM_MAILBOX is the extension number.

VM_NAME comes as the extension number in my e-mails. More important than that is I want to get rid of the “Asterisk PBX”. No need to announce the asterisk server.

Any hints developers?


VM_NAME for me shows the Display Name for the user (I am using user/device mode if that matters).

VM_MAILBOX shows the extension number for me.

The from string for mine is set by “fromstring” on the voicemail admin freepbx page and is set to “Voicemail System”.

The email address is set to the email of my gmail that I am using for outbound email. I think that ends up that way because I am using smarthost setting and my gmail credentials for outbound mail delivery.

I think using GMAIL is safer as the ISP can block the SMTP port any day but currently it works with using IMAP for me.

Thanks for the fromstring. That also works just like you explained.

Mine is set to Extension mode rather than your user/device mode. Probably, you are right on that one too :slight_smile: