How to change subject for incominca email-fax

i’ve 3 fax that are sent to 3 emails and works like a charm execpt for the email subject, actually in any mails the subject is: New Fax from freepbx [phone number of sender] but i’d like to change a translate in intalian. How can I do? Is the a template to modify?

Thanks in Advance

Go to Settings > Voicemail Admin
Then under the Settings Tab
Then under the Email Config Tab, you should see the Email Subject, and Body fields to modify.

He’s talking about Fax not about Voicemail.

I don’t have fax on FreePBX (yet) but you can configure these settings in the Voicemail admin module?

oops! Sorry I misread the message.
So you can change the From: and To: parts of the incoming fax notification under Settings > Fax Configuration
However for the Subject: line, there doesn’t appear to be a way to modify that from the FreePBX GUI.
You can by modifying the Asterisk configuration files, but that will no-doubt break somethings.
I would make a feature request to

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