How to change extension_additional.conf file in extension_custom.conf

In my IVR, I am returning from voicemail after #(hash) button pressed. I don’t want to hear the announcement after returning from voicemail system?? How to configure this in extension_custom configuration file ? Is there any way ?Also i want to change the voicemail audio file name in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/201/INBOX/msg001.wav. I want to change it like extension_number_date_time_hour_minute_sec_dialed_digit_from_ivr_‘id’.wav

I don’t believe you can (reliably) make point edits with extensions_custom.conf. You can only really add code where provision has been made for adding it. That would mean you either have to find mechanisms already provided for your specific tasks, write a complete hook routine, or write a complete replacement for the dialplan associated with a FreePBX module.

Make sure you spell the file names correctly when you actually use them.

How can I change voicemail audio file name ?

The voicemail filename can’t be changed. It would break voicemail and cause it to no longer work. It expects the format that is currently in use.

Can I record an entire call that is going through in a IVR system .
Step 1: Dial : 123
Step 2: IVR Announcement
Step 3 : Pressed digit 2
Step 4: Call Extension 203
Step 5 : Voicemail of 203
Step 6 : End call

I want to record the whole call . Is it possible ??

Yes. Route the call thru Applications, Call Recording and enable recording there.

I am new in Freepbx . Can you please give me an example with options name and steps ?

i have made 2 call recording option with destination set to voicemail of the extension (201 called 1 No Message) . I have select force call record option . In IVR I have select digit 2 and destination set to Call record option .

Still nothing on record option at CDR Report .

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