How to change "DISA" sound

Hello all

            i use disa to forward call   but i  cannot change sound    How to change it


Please be more specific. Do you experience poor voice quality when using DISA? If so, please describe the impairment (choppy voice, volume too low, noise, etc.) and what trunks you have, codecs in use, etc.

If you want to change the password prompt or dial tone, please explain what’s wrong (incorrect language, tone for wrong country, etc.)

I need to change "please enter you password… " English voice to my Voice

Easiest would be to replace the ‘agent-pass’ file in

Look at the Asterisk log to see exactly which file is played, e.g. agent-pass.alaw.

However, if you are using another module that plays this file, e.g. logging into a queue, route password, etc., then I believe you would have to create a custom destination that does your own authentication.

Once authenticated, route to a DISA that requires no password.

Thankyou very mush :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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