How to change dialtone length?

If o pick up phone and dial, i have to be quick i have the dialtone only 3-5sec then i got the busy tone, some of me phones can´t dial this fast. how to change this to aboute 10sec or longer ?

This sounds like an issue with your phone, digit timeout, you need to elaborate your setup/case a little more…

The default digit timeout on most phones I’ve used is around 4 seconds. The way this works is if there is a gap of 4 seconds or more between digit dialing. the phone will try to dial whatever you have dialed. Ten Seconds is an awful long time to wait after dialing the last digit unless you get all your users trained to hit the Dial, Send, of # key on the phone. You could, of course, modify the dial plans on your phones to recognize valid number sequences and initiate dialing. Also, most phones allow on hook dialing. You dial the phone before picking it up then as soon as you do the number is dialed. Again on most phones pressing the speakerphone button will do the same thing.

As said previously, the digit time setting is specific to the phone, A setting called “Timeout Length” is available on the Commercial EPM, I don’t know about the OSS EPM.


Its same issue both on Linksys/Cisco pap2 as Cisco phone 301

Is there posible to configure this on the adapter / Phone ?