How to change defaut admin password


I’m new to freepbx, using it for about a month, but it’s time to change the default admin/admin login/pass
I did a search on the forum but most of the articles were about someone who forgot the password and got locked outside freepbx, or the other articles were…way old.

-so what is the correcty and safe way to change the “admin” password for entering http://raspbx ?
-also if I change the default root password via ssh and passwd command, would that interfere with anything else? (like would the mysql password need a change ?)

thank you for your time.

no one???

The problem is that RasPBX is just different enough that the “standard” way to do this might not work for you.

The first step is to look in the Advanced Settings and see what your authentication method is. It can be one of “none”, “database”, “userman”, and “file” (I think).

From there, you can adjust the password in the appropriate location. For example, if you are using “database”, you can use “Administrator” on the “Admin” tab. If you are using “file”, you can modify the manager*conf files.

So, the answer is “it all depends on the choices you’ve made to date.”

The only other fly in the ointment is that lots of stuff relies on “admin” to log in - check your /var/log/asterisk/full log and you should see “admin” logins coming and going throughout the day. If you change the system admin password, you might need to change it in the other places it’s documented as well to keep the rest of the system so that it can log in.