How to Change Caller Announcement to a custom Recording

Dear Cummunity

I like to change the Caller Announcement freepbx caller announcements thank you for passion
for a systeem Recording that i have how can i do that

thanks in advance

Sorry, I don’t understand which announcement you are referring to.

Are you referring to an IVR, Announcement, Voicemail Greeting?

Most recordings can be changed in the System Recordings modules. However, if you created a new recording, you’ll need to go to the IVR or announcement and change it there.

Dear PitzKey

it’s about the Queues Caller Announcements at the moment i have change Language of the inbound Routes to Dutch we now hear every 15 seconds thanks for your patience
we would like to adjust that to a personal system recording

see screenshot


Use the IVR Break Out Menu option. Set the announcement you want in that IVR.

Dear PitzKey

our IVR has 3 options and we have there a Announcement which says pres 1 for our customer service 2 for support department 3 for administration.

after of of the option the caller will be redirected to the correct queue.

when the caller is the correct queue first the get a Join Announcement form systeem Recording

after that when the caller is in the queue every 15 sec the get a Caller Announcements thanks for your patience

we want the change that for a systeem recording .wav

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