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How to change alert thresholds

(Bob Reiber) #1

we have a number of systems setup to use the sangoma/freepbx rms. because we run our systems fairly close to the wind as far as things like memory go, we constantly see a warning memory event. if we reboot the system the notification goes away for a while until asterisk eats up a bit more memory. so the question is how to adjust the notification threshold on the various alerts. we get so many that we have had to drop a number of systems out of the rms trial program (we have received 500 alerts in the last hour or so.

(Marbled) #2


Looks like someone didn’t get the memo:

Sounds to me it is not yet certain they will bring it back as a commercial service and when…

Have a nice day!


(Dave Burgess) #3

On the bright side - at least now you won’t get all those pesky warnings. :slight_smile:

(Bob Reiber) #4

I kinda figured that something like this was going on. initially they (the sangoma crowd) were pretty responsive but in the last couple of months their responsiveness on this product has waned. we will cancel the trials so that we get rid of the pesky warnings