How to call external numbers using 0NLY PREFIX?

hi friends i am new to asterisk, i require some of your help…
well i have installed asteriskNOW 1.5 freepbx
i have a 8port fxo device as well
i want to call any external number in such a way that i dial 0 and i get the dial tone
i am getting incoming call through my fxo device from port 1,whose number i have registered as 11000
i can also make external calls, but for that i have to establish a call first with 11000 and then dial the external number
instead of that i want the dial tone simply by dialling 0 and not 11000 for example 09327104712 from extension 12000 and it should pass through 11000 1st port of my fxo device
please any of your help is greatly appreciated…

From your description, I am not totally sure how you have things set up. But, take a look at the dial rules section of of the Trunks setup.

I believe a dial rule something like:


Might do the trick. Please note that after the final 0 that really is a period.

Mouse over the Dial Rules heading for a full explanation of the coding.


sorry i was not able to give you proper description of my ip pbx…i will give it now
I have installed asterisknow1.5,i have one fxo device techroute 8port…i have one xlite softphone as well…

i have connected one pstn line to the first port of my fxo device, the pstn number is starting from 079 XXXXX.

I have registered the pstn line with a sip extension for an incoming call as well for outgoing call and that extension is 11000

now i have configured the ip pbx in such a manner that any incoming calls on my pstn number is recieved on my extension 11000 and from their it automatically gets transferred on my ip phone or xlite phone having extension 12000 or 13000

so now i want to make call through pstn line using sip extensions

for that to happen i need to have my pstn lines dial tone,so to make external call from my xlite phone i have to get connected first to extension 11000 for the dial tone

i dont want to connect with 11000, i want that my xlite phone directly dials my mobile number 09327104712 and it passess through the pstn line automatically without connecting to 11000.

Problem is if i want to dial external number for eg 09327104712, first i have to call 11000 from my xlite phone then i get the dial tone and then and only then i can call the number 9327104712. I dont want such a long procedure to happen

i just want to dial the number straight away from my other extensions,and the numbers pass through my pstn line.

i hope i am successfull in making the scenario easier

i really apprEciate your help BILL, thanks a lot

do reply me with a solution am stuck here…

How have you set up inbound routes and trunks?


i have set up my inbound routes through my fxo device any incoming call on my pstn number will be automaticlly forwarded to my extension 12000 and from their i can transfer on different extensions…can you let me know how to configure a sip trunk??..