How to bulk modify incoming routes

I have recently installed and setup Superfecta and now need to enable it for all our DDI incoming routes. Since we have about 1000 incoming routes doing this via the GUI would be a little tedious to say the least.
Is there an easy way to enable Superfecta for all incoming routes either as a global setting or adding it to all routes in once go?
Looking at the MySQL table that Superfecta creates and updates it doesn’t look too difficult to add all the incoming routes to that table but I’d prefer a more supported way of doing if possible?

Why do you have 1000 Inbound routes? It seems like you may be doing something wrong

That’s always possible.
We have about 1050 incoming DDI/DID numbers (split between a couple of ranges) on our main SIP trunk and each goes to an individual extension or in some cases a conference room or call flow control. Perhaps there is a better way of having the DDI/DID setup?

In the “bulk handler” (IIRC) there is a field for incoming DID on each individual extension. If you can easily associate the DIDs with the extensions, it would probably be relatively simple to get the majority of them knocked out pretty quickly.

I already have the extensions and DDI’s setup I just need to enable CID superfecta on each incoming route. I don’t think this is exposed in the bulk handler? The only way I can think of doing this would be to export the incoming route MySQL table to get the numbers and then import them into the Superfecta table with the correction options set. Probably not too difficult (a couple of tests seem to have worked) but I’d prefer not to mess with the database and break things if I’ve missunderstood how it works :slight_smile:

export/import is probably the recommended way of doing it… with that said, I’m so glad they have that, wish I would have seen it before I did my last install… I typed in each of my 100 extensions and DID’s all by hand… :weary:

If this is something that would you think would be handy and the Bulk Handler doesn’t do it, put in a Feature Request on the “Issues” link at the top of the page. @jfinstrom might be able to give you a work around until it’s there.

From what @jfinstrom said earlier having over 1000 incoming routes is unusual so not much point raising a feature request if it not of use to many people.
My work around of just manipulating the MySQL tables behind the scenes appears to work fine for me so I’ll stick with that for the time being and leave the developers to work on more important/interesting things.

There is nothing preventing you from submitting your code on a feature request. This is open-source software - we are all developers.

Sorry if I’m bringing up an old post, but I ran into this problem and made a python script to solve this, I run it on a cron to enable superfecta automatically for all inbound routes.