How to build a keep alive on asterisk (freePBX)?

Hi, I’m new on Asterisk and I am working on a server on asterisk 18 with some extensions. One of them is a main extension for us in wich we can see all reachable extensions. How should I build a keep alive correctly? I wish that when an extension is unreachable, the server notifies to our main extension. I should use AMI or I should work on extensions_custom.conf ? Help!

Thats interesting one.

I’ve used bash scripts that I run to dump the queue and look for when no agents are in queues. From that it would be easy enough to create a call file and playback a message.
ie user=$(/sbin/asterisk -rx “queue show $i” |sed ‘/paused/d’ |grep Unav |cut -f2 -d( |cut -f1 -dn)

Then you just have part the list
Use that to generate a callfile,

AMI would be more nice than my hack. but up to you.

My hackis to ‘follow the logs’, in my startup methods I have

tail -F /var/log/asterisk/full |while read LINE; do  [[ $LINE =~ 'Contact [0-9]*/' ]] && echo $LINE|tr ':' ' '|cut -d ' ' -f10,13,14,15|mail -s 'Attention' [email protected];done &

test with

cat /var/log/asterisk/full |while read LINE; do  [[ $LINE =~ 'Contact [0-9]*/' ]] && echo $LINE|tr ':' ' '|cut -d ' ' -f10,13,14,15;done

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