How to bridge two live callers together? And more


I’ve been trying to figure out a way to bring two people together in a system I’ve been working on for a free community chat line. I’ve figured out most of it but, now I’m down to creating an interactive menu, one that gets them into the system and allows them to send messages directly to each other or talk one on one. I’ve got little to no idea how to implement this part and I’ve thought about a few things but, nothing has worked that I’ve tried. Any suggestions? Also I’ve been using and storing all related info to a mysql db. Thanks for any help and once it’s completed I’m going to release everything on sourceforge for all to use.

You folks were so helpful in helping me figure out the answer on my own. I couldn’t have solved it without the great support I found in this community. It’s bar none! I’m going to refer all my friends here because once they receive such great assistance from you they’ll want to use my computer consulting company to help get them out of the mess :slight_smile: Again thanks!!!

your sarcasm is always welcome:-)

Now try reading your original post, noticing how completely vague and ambiguous the description is. If you can be objective, you will realize that the only way for someone to help is to read your mind.

When you are seeking help from a community for ideas and suggestions to address a problem, it is up to you to provide information at a level that others are able to help you … and if you have figured something out, it is usually expected that you provide what you learned.

In the future, you may want to keep this in mind and you will find that there are plenty of people who will jump in to help, or when it is “out of scope” you will often be directed to another resource that is able to help.