How to backup and restore the whole Freepbx to image in case of crash


My fresh Freepbx 15 system is now up and running on a dedicated Intel NUC.
I would like to backup the whole system in order to restore it if the HDD get corrupted in the future.

I know Freepbx handles Backup / Restore tool and i already made a backup of the config from there.
However, i could be wrong but to restore it , this supposes to have a working Freepbx running and if the HDD crashes or i want to move my Freepbx config a to new device, i think Freepbx Backup / Restore tool would not help me in that case.

I was considering saving a whole disk with a specific such as Clonezilla, would this way be a solution ?
Could you advice about i should do to safety backup my Freepbx system ?

Many thanks for your help,


If you have a spare machine, the best backup is a warm spare. Docs are here:

If you have an extra hard drive in the machine that is as large or lager than your system disk, and you want to mirror it, you can use the dd (disk dump/duplicate) command to copy a bootable backup (to recover from catastrophic hard drive failure, just change boot drive in BIOS.) Docs are here.

You can also attach a USB drive and do a dd to it.

These dd images can be loaded into VirtualBox to create a virtual version of your physical server if that is of interest.

I recommend mondoarchive. It runs on your active system, no downtime required.

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