How to avoid looping calls when using Follow Me on two FreePBX servers

After I successfully had solved the Problem with Follow Me between two FreePBX servers, I encountered a new issue. Some of my users have extensions on both servers (for example 401 on server1 and 701 on server2) and they want to receive a phone call whether someone calls 401 number or 701 number. To achieve that I enabled Follow Me option on both sides and added in Follow-Me List on server1 line 701# and on server2 line 401#
That solution works but it creates a lot of missed calls before you pick up a phone because the call starts to go round from server to server and its quantity multiplied on every step.
I suspect there is another solution for this case, but I do not know about it. That is why I am asking you for help. I suppose you know about possibilities of FreePBX a lot more than me.

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