How to automatically ring all other extensions when call is places on hold and Qos advice

I have a fairly simple setup with PIAF version, FreePBX version, three users, and three Cisco SPA303 phones.
Also, two trunk lines, one inbound route that rings all extensions, and one outbound route. Carrier is Quantum Voice.
Still fairly new to PBX servers.

What I need is for all other extensions (only two other extensions in this case) to ring when the secretary puts the call on hold so that the next available person can pick up. I really don’t know where to look anymore concerning this. If anyone knows how to set up something like this it would be awesome.

A fourth person will be joining so I will adjust for the other three extensions to ring at a later time. We can transfer normally using the blind xfer feature on the Cisco phones, but the secretary usually doesn’t know who is busy and who isn’t, so ringing all extensions would be much more efficient than constatnly transferring to each other.

And any typical QoS settings that would improve call quality (or maintain good quality during high network usage) would be great. So far so good on this current setup except for the transfer thing.

If you put the caller on hold the other phones will not be able to pick it up.

I would use a queue for this. The caller can then be transferred to the queue and the queue can make the other phones ring.

You could also use a ring group.

Check out the Ring Groups and/or Queues Modules. Both of these will do what you want. Queues is more complicated to setup, but it has many more options. Your secretary will have to transfer the call to the Ring Group/Queue - she can’t simply place the call on hold.

QOS Settings vary depending upon the router. I found settings that work on my Cisco RV042. I just experimented with the settings and then called my IVR while running a bandwidth test until I found a setting that worked.

Ok so I already had a ring group set up so that when someone calls, it rings all extensions. Simple enough. I also made a second ring group including all extensions except the secretary’s, but I don’t know how to send a call to the second ring group once it has been answered already by the secretary. How do I send the call to that ring group?

For the queue, is there any particular extension to transfer it to? I set up a queue with all extensions except the secretary’s in the “Static Agents” box. If I understand this correctly, the secretary must transfer the call to the queue by transferring the call to “(queue number)*”, then it will ring all extensions listed in the “Static Agents” box. Correct? If so, it didn’t work. I tried the Xfer button and blindXfer button as well and all it did was connect the two extensions together, but the caller was still on hold. Any ideas? Thanks in advance guys…

You would just transfer the call to the ring group or the queue like you would transfer to any other extension.

Are you saying that the caller has been put on hold before the transfer?

The method used to transfer calls depends almost entirely upon the device (i.e. telephone, ATA, or softphone) that you are using. Most phones come with detailed user guides that explain how to properly transfer a call. You should consult that guide.

Alternatively, you can enable and use the blind transfer feature code found in the Feature Codes module, and you should be able to dial that feature code while on a call in order to complete a transfer.