How to automatically create an outgoing call and play a recording after connection established

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Hello Everyone.
Whether it is possible to configure FreePBX in such a way that it creates an outgoing call to a mobile number and plays a recorded audio file when the connection gets established.
Is there any API or any commercial module that can do this job?


Sandeep Paruthi

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Commercial Modules would be Appointment Reminder or Broadcast.

If you want to do it yourself, look up Asterisk Call Files.

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The Paging pro module (commercial) is what you need…

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API Light (make a file, drop it in a folder, call is made and routed):

Commercial Module:

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You just need the Paging pro module. Create a custom extension which forwards to an external number (local/yourexternalnumber@from-internal). Create an announcement with the audio file…

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You could also just use the CallFile process, which is designed to do exactly what you’re asking for.

There’s plenty of information out there about callfiles, just craft one up and drop it into the directory. The only thing that might mess you up is that some cell phones “answer” the call immediately and then start ringing, which all of these other solutions (which would probably work fine, BTW) are going to get jammed up with.

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