How to auto reboot after auto provision

I’m using Sangoma S500/S700 setup for Auto Provision using Redirection Service. with separate Voice and Data Vlan. When the phone is connected to the network the first time, it acquire an IP address on the Data DHCP scope. The redirection service and auto provision works and it pushes the correct Vlan ID. but the IP is still from the Data DHCP scope.

I have to manually reboot the phone in order for it to release the IP address and grab an IP from the Voice DHCP scope.

Is there an option where I can force the phone to reboot after auto provision? Im using Endpoint manager


I would file a feature request for the phone to do a DHCP release/renew after auto-provisioning if it’s not supposed to do this already.

We talked about this a couple of months ago. If I remember correctly, in some phones, there is a setting you can turn on to reboot the phone after a configuration change.

Filing a Feature Request on the Issues tab would be a good 2nd step. Try searching back through the archive to “automatically reboot phone” (and similar) to see if that old conversation matches up with your need.