How to Append Numbers to Incoming Routes,

Hi all.

I have Asterisk connected to a VoIP provider, and via an analogue gateway to a PSTN PABX extension. I want to route incoming calls from the VoIP provider through to an extension on the analogue PABX, which means that after the call is received, we need to dial some numbers eg :599 to call the analogue extension. Any ideas on how do do this ?

Incoming call - > Voip Provider - > Asterisk Sip Trunk - > Inbound Route - > SIP Extension to PSTN Analogue Gateway - > PSTN PABX Extension-> NEED TO DIAL 599 here to dial another extension - > Call goes to PSTN phone (eg: reception).




Hi again Tadpole.

I’ve figured this out myself. To dial numbers after a call is received, you can create a custom extension, then put the text below in the ‘dial’ box for ‘This device uses custom technology’ under ‘Device Options’.


eg: sip/801,1,rD(599)

Calling the custom extension connects to sip extension 801, then sends the digits 599 and connects. This allows me to point an inbound route which matches on a DID supplied from our VoIP provider to the custom extension, which in turn calls sip extension 801, which connects to an fxo gateway which connects to our Siemens PABX, and then dials extension 599 which is our Siemens PABX reception extension.


Is your FreePBX system currently configured so that if you dial 599 from an extension connected to FreePBX, it will ring your extension 599 on the PSTN PBX? If so, just create a Misc. Destination, give it any description, and set the Dial field to 599. Then use that Misc. Destination as the destination for your Inbound Route.

Hi Tadpole.

That is almost correct. You have to dial the sip extension from Asterisk which connects to an FXO analogue gateway, this plugs into a POTs extension on the PABX. So you dial, say, the SIP extension 801 which gives you the PABX dial tone, then after that we need to dial 599 to get the PABX extension 599.

I think i need to do something similar to below (but numberSiwanttopress) :


… but from FreePBX.