How to analyze my trunk usage

(United States) #1

I’m looking to try to analyze my SIPSTATION trunk usage so that I buy the optimum number of flat rate trunks. Is there anything you can suggest for this?

For example: Currently I have 3 Flat Rate Trunks, and I have bursting enabled so that if I sometimes use more then 3 chanels it will just charge me per-minute for them. I know that I sometimes burst above 3 trunks.

I’m trying to analyze so that I can purchase the optimum number of trunks.

If I could generate some report either from SIPSTATION or from my FreePBX box that would say for a given time period how many minutes were at 0 simultaneous calls, how many were at 1, how many were at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc… I’m getting somewhat close to success using the CDR records but I feel like I have to be re-inventing the wheel