How to always override Outbound CallerID?


I need always override Outbound CallerID for some extensions.
For example: i have Queue 3000 and extensions 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004 in this queue.
I need Outbound CallerID = 3000 for these extensions.
How to do it? (“Outbound CID” in Extension settings don’t work)

i have no idea why you want an outbound caller id of 3000, but

  1. make sure the CID option on the trunk is set to allow any cid
  2. make sure the route cid in the outbound route is blank
  3. make sure the override extension setting in the outbound route is set to no
  4. that you have the caller id you want in the extension settings

however you did not mention what you are using for trunks. if it is analog (pstn lines, pri) you cannot do this and if it is sip, you need to check with your carrier to make sure that they will accept 3000 as a valid caller id.

Мy question is not about trunk, my question is about extension CallerID.
If a user with the number 3001 calls the user with the number 3009, the user with the number 3009 should see the number 3000.

In 3001 extension page set CUD Num Allias to be 300o now anytime 3001 calls any internal user it will shownthey are calling from 3000

Thanks, it works!