How to alter incoming id when not using trunks?

I have a account. No using a trunk setup in asterisk and is instead routed to a static Ip address.

The have + on the numeric portion of the caller id string. When calls are forwarded to a cell phone calls can not be returned.

Is there a way to strip these out without aving to setup as a trunk OR to perhaps alter freepbx incoming routes to be able to scan for them?

Thank you


if you put a bit more attention into asking your question clearly you may bet a better response. I’m having to interpret your above question to try to answer it which most people won’t do, they will just skip it over.

If I understand you correctly, you have calls coming into your box effectively as ‘anonymous sip calls’ since you have not made any context for them, and you are routing those out some way or another.

If that is correct, what you need to do is create a trunk or otherwise a sip (or iax) section for the calls so you can point them at a context to process them. This can be done by providing the IP of the SIP gateway that is signaling your calls, or if there are multiple then you will need multiple sections. You can then point them to a context where you can write dialplan to modify the CID information or anything else you may be looking at doing with the call before sending it on its way to where ever you want to process it.

If this is not an option for some reason, then you will have to modify the from-sip-external context or define a different context for anonymous calls (again assuming SIP) and do the same thing there.

I know this thread is almost two-years old but in the spirit of providing a detailed solution I found to be quite helpful, specifically the last post.

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