How to allow sip client make call to a pstn extension

hi all ,
i have a panasonic central connected to digium card , i have allowed the users on the central to make call with pstn extensions using ivr , but now i want to make the reverse , i want to allow sip client to make call with extension on the central , any idea please .

This is not a FreePBX issue. Cant really help.

As a starting point, you need to create an outbound route on freepbx pointing to the panasonic, using the trunk that connects both of them. If the extensions on the panasonic are numbered differently than the ones in freepbx, you can make a direct dialplan, otherwise you would need to use a prefix. On the panasonic you will need to configure an inbound route to receive the calls and send them to the corresponding extension, but since I’m not familiar with T1 interfaces on panasonic, I can’t provide further help. You will probably find more info about it on google.

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