How to add two dial-by-name directories to the dialplan so callers can dial by first or last name

Using FreePBX 2.8.1, I edited the extensions_custom.conf file in /etc/asterisk with the following information:

exten => 8,1,Directory(default,incoming,f)
exten => 9,1,Directory(default,incoming)

However, the system attendant continues to say: “dial the first 3 letters.”

I see the Schmooze directory is an installed module. Does that override or have an affect on extensions_custom.conf?

The directory module does not have a first or lastname option. It lets users enter either first or last name and does the best match. Your custom dialplan would be useless with the directory.

Thank you for the response Tony. Is there any way to improve the directory. So far, it has a 100% failure rate. We thought it was because users were entering the first 3 letters of the first name and the default was last name.