How to add prefix to caller id on outbound trunk

Hi all,

So I’ve looked with no success for an example…I have a ring group that also rings my cell phone when a call comes in. How can I add a caller id prefix to the outbound call when the destination is my cell phone? The prefix option in the ring groups doesn’t seem to work for outbound calls.

thanks for any ideas!!

You can not since the prexis is the Caller ID name prefix and carriers do not let you set the Caller ID name as they ignore that portion of the CID. they only let you set the number.

So is there a way to set a prefix (like say 009) to an outbound number in this scenario? I just want a way for me to know when I get a call on my cell phone that it is being relayed from my asterisk/freepbx system.


You could place your external number(s) in a ring group by itself with confirm calls enabled, that way you will get an audio hint when you answer, that the call is coming from your PBX.


FreePBX doesn’t have an option to add a numerical prefix to the Caller ID Number, and as indicated above, in the U.S., Caller ID names aren’t transmitted.

Even if FreePBX did have a way to prefix the #, your cellular carrier would probably throw out the whole Caller ID as invalid and just show a “Outside Area” or “Blocked” message. Most mobile providers expect a properly formatted and proper length caller ID or they disregard it altogether.

If you really want a caller ID indication, you could simply force a caller ID, i.e. 999-999-9999, but that’d cause you to lose the indication of who was actualy calling.

lgaetz’s idea is how I handle these things. I place my Mobile in its own Ring Group with confirm calls enabled, that way my cellular phone voicemail won’t pick up the call. Then include that ring group in your main ring group (with a # at the end).