How to add more than 6 accounts so extension could use account 7, for example

Phone supports 16 lines. When I add an extension, it seems there are only 6 accounts available. Is there an easy way to increase the accounts count?

It looks like the EPM basefile could be altered to add another account to the template, but:

#Configuration automatically generated via the EndPoint Module

There is an ADD button at the bottom, but must I add each and every entry one at a time, there are 143 entries to add another account setting, or is there some way to do this in bulk, i.e., smarter/faster/better way?

Thanks in advance.

We only support 6. Why would any single phone need more than even a couple unique extensions.

Well, the receptionist deals with 8 incoming lines on her single phone, so I assume I need an extension for each line. Is there a better way?

Not sure what brand or model phone you are using but if she is using 1 extenaion for that you don’t need to setup 8 different accounts. Just setup 8 buttons all mapped to account 1

yealink t54s

currently I have 6 accounts mapped for each of 6 independent phone numbers for each of 6 extensions she is supporting, each phone number having a unique extension, each extension having a unique account. She can then transfer to others and the person transferred to knows which number the call came in from.

In the web gui yealink provides for their phones, I can see the 6 accounts are built and provisioned correctly. If you are saying I can use Account 1 for each independent extension, and that will show up correctly in yealink phone gui, I will try that, but that does not seem to be the case.

Can you elaborate your suggestion some more, thanks,

What. I don’t follow. Why would she need 6 or more unique extensions. Extensions have nothing to do with phone numbers.

What is the meaning of these numbers (associated with different individuals, different departments, multiple companies serviced by your organization, etc.)?

Are all calls to these numbers normally answered ‘live’ by the receptionist? Or, are the calls a result of an IVR selection, unanswered extension, etc?

The 8 phone numbers (did’s) are for numbers in various cities in the state, by area code, so a call might come in from San Antonio, or Dallas, or Austin, etc The admin’s and owner’s phones mimics the receptionist phone in terms of setup. The receptionist answers the calls live. The calls are handled in a ring group, but go to the receptionist first.

If the receptionist answers a call and needs to transfer to the owner or admin, she transfers on the same extension, so the owner knows the call is from Dallas, for example.

Worked perfectly when they had 6 dids / numbers, but now have added 2 more incoming dids / lines for Houston.

This doesn’t seem scalable to me. Why not use caller ID prefixing in a DID or ring group and you can prefix the Caller ID with something like Austin: for the Austin DID. Now you don’t need all these different extensions just to identify where a call is coming from.

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(1) Hey I am up for anything simpler, let me think about this, to make sure I understand what you are suggesting. Is there some doc on this I can read?

(2) Also, how, or would simultaneous calls be handled?

In your Inbound Route, you have CID Prefix section, there you can set whatever you want and point to one extension, Ring Group or Queue.

So let’s say on DID-1 you set COMPANY1:
And DID-2 you set COMPANY2:
You’ll see on your screen calls through DID-1 “COMPANY1: CHICAGO IL” 312-555-1122.
Calls through DID-2 “COMPANY2: CHICAGO IL” 312-555-1122.
And so on…

If you want to add a Prefix to the CID Number as well, check out the Set CallerID module.

IMO having that much extensions to be able to differentiate which number was called is a bit wrong. You can easily accomplish this with one extension and CID Prefixing.

It’s very well documented in the Wiki, search for inbound routes and set caller ID.

Never tried it with Ring Groups, but it works excellent with Queues.

OK thanks for the info, much appreciated.

(They like the setup the way it is, so hopefully I can convince them otherwise)

OK, here we go again…need some help. I set up a 6 line yealink phone as described here, i think, yet no incoming calls come in. 1 extension, 1 account, instead of 7 extensions and 7 phone accounts.

Outbound calls work, incoming calls do not.

I created a new extension, set EPM to account 1, and added this ext to the inbound route ring group (I just added the new extension to the existing ring group that has been working and continues to work for the existing phones. I feel like I am forgetting some step? Anything seem obvious? Thanks.

Set the phone like this: all 7 lines to account 1, CW enabled in Freepbx

From that link:
"In the phone:
You program 1 account per extension only.
You program multiple Line buttons to account 1.

In FreePBX
You enable call waiting

This gives you everything you just said you needed.

Here is my phone. Line 2 and Line 4 are two completely separate PBX systems from Line 1.
If I get a call on the Line 1 extension, DSS key 14 lights up with it.
If I get a call on the Line 1 extension while already on a call, DSS key 15 lights up with it.
I can conference, put on hold, transfer, etc.
All from a single account registration.
This is the “normal” way to do it."

OK, no answers, I will try it with a queue, see if that works as expected. I am not familiar with queue’s, but I’ll work on it.

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