How to add device not covered by EPM?

How do I go about integrating Axis door intercoms? I know they’re not supported by the EPM. I’m just looking for a nudge in the right direction.

Pretty much every sip device is capable of being manually configured to register to Asterisk. It is often as simple as just inputting the extension number, SIP secret, SIP port and PBX host in the device GUI.

I have a couple of older A8105s and the configuration is basically the standard setup. You will probably spend more time finetuning the camera’s detection settings. Depending on your setup, you will not get any early media, i.e. a picture when someone presses the call button.

I would go so far as to say every modern device.

And if you want to have a config file, you can still manually drop one in /tftpboot.

I always do this because I want to make life easier for others down the road. Manually program the device, then export the config to a file and upload it to the PBX. Set your DHCP options to tell devices to look at the PBX for a config.

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