How to add another recording


I am new to FreePBX, I would like to add another recording saying users that phone calls are going to be recorded for quality reasons. I already have and IVR welcoming users. Let me explain:

  1. A user dials to the office.
  2. Inbound route directs to IVR playing a welcome recording.
  3. User wait for the operator to answer or dials an extension.
  4. Here is where I would like to play a recording saying that phone. calls are going to be recorded for quality reasons.
  5. Then the extension whatever it is answers the user.


Thanks in advance

I think I’m tracking. First, the concept of ‘context’ is important to this question. Basically, a call is in a little program we call “a context”. The context is actually what it sounds like, something has caused the call to fall into the code that operates the call flow. The first one is usually something like “from-internal” (which allows calls to dialed “out” of your server) or “from-sip” (which connects you to an Inbound Route). So, understanding that a call will always be in a context is important to understanding how a call navigates around the system.

There are couple pedantic questions that I’d like to ask:

  1. User dials the office (cool)
  2. An Inbound Route matches in inbound call. It directs the call to a destination.

Is this destination an IVR or an Announcement? Are you actually using “Press 1 for something, press 2 for something else” or are you using IVR as a generic term?

  1. User waits for Operator or dials an extension.

You could redirect the user to the Directory Module, which should get you where you want to go as well.

  1. Play a recording saying the phone calls are going to be recorded.

At this point, you are now interacting at a context that is operating at the Extension Level. There are ways to do this, but they almost all require some interceding module interface or some other context. For example, you could have a series of “extensions” set up that play your announcement, then redirect the call to an actual extension. This would redirect the call to a “per extension” announcement that then directs the call to the specific extension.

If you want to simplify the call flow (and avoid having to set up all of those announcements), you could write a custom context that would play your announcement, then redirect the call to the extension that was dialed. The trick here is that the “wait for an extension to be dialed in the IVR” approach is that you skip straight to the extension.

Another approach would be to play the announcement at the start of your IVR/Welcome Announcement.

There are more and more technical ways to do this, of course, including writing your own “extension handler” context that plays your announcement before every extension call. Another approach would be to submit a Feature Request adding an “announcement” option on the actual extensions.

This comes up every couple of months, another way to approach it would be to look back through some of the Forum’s posts and see some of the other creative ways people have “skinned this cat.”

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