How to activate freepbx after installed

just i installed freepbx.
I can see this machine is not activated.
what i have to do activate my freepbx?

Welcome to the forum! If you wish to activate, browse to Admin → System Admin and follow instructions there.

but I can not see freepbx website in assigned ip.
what is the problem?
please see this link

Activation requires a network, start there first.

could you guide me about this?
I am new in freepbx

I did network config.
and tried to restart.
but I can see this error
please see this link

I can see web site page and I can login.
current to activate freepbx, I gone system admin page
and click activate button.
but current I can see this error

Activation Error!

Unable to display activation page. Error returned was:

Could not resolve host:; Unknown error

Can you ping it from CLI?

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I solved this problem.
problem is due to nameserver doesnt exist.

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