How to access to FOP2

I installed FOP2 just by downloading it, upload to freepbx and click install. An the admin page I can see Other TAB with some option (eg. FOP2 buttons)- but how to access to FOP2 - http://server/FOP2 doesn’t work (page not found).

What I have to do?

yum install fop2-fpbx resolves the problem…

FOP2 has two parts. It sounds like you uploaded the admin module for freepbx but did not install the FOP2 server. The install is very well documented on the FOP2 web site.

“yum install fop2-fpbx resolves the problem…”

unless you are running the 64bit distro…

for2 for 64 bit is not yet in the repo.

you will need to download the rpm and install it manually.


PBX Firmware: 1.1007.210.58-1
PBX Service Pack:
Fully updated at the time of this posting

I’ve installed fop2-fpbx from the cmd-line and installed the FOP2 Admin module but am struggling to find upto date instructions on how to proceed to get it working.

The documentation at mentions /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg, however, I do not have this config file. Do I need to create it manually?

When I run ./fop2_server in /usr/local/fop2 I get the following output:

Flash Operator Panel 2 - No valid license found. Demo Mode
No valid configuration files found in /usr/local/fop2!

Can anyone shed any light on how to proceed, or point me to where there’s an upto date install document for FreePBX Distro please.

Many thanks in advance