How the path to file outbound route passwodr works?

Hi everybody,

In an outbound route, you have ‘Route Password’ and ‘Pin Set’. Into the ‘Route Password’ help says: "A numerical password, or the path to an Authenticate password file can be used."
I want to know how to use specify the passwod file, because I create a password file, for instance: ‘/etc/asterisk/pinset_codigoPersonal’, but when I write down the path on ‘Route password’ and try to submit it, I received an error that says: ‘Route password must be numeric or leave blank to disable’.

I know that I can get similar behavior using Pin Set, but I want to use Route Password, acctually what I expect is that two passwords are required before call, one using ‘Route password’ and the other by using ‘Pin Set’.

Thanks for your help.

What version of FreePBX? It works for me on ver. By works, I mean that I am able to enter and submit a path and filename in the Route Password field in an Outbound Route.

Hi Igaetz,

thanks for your quick response, but I’m on freePBX-2.11.0-26 and have no option to update, actually I’m under Elastix so I’m tied to that version.

Ok, It works as I expected, I select a PIN set to my outbound route, and into the database, under the hood, I’ve update de table to add the path to file, and it works the route ask for two passwords, awesome, but I can’t go to the database everytime I need to update de outbound route.

Anybody know any solution, maybe is a bug in my FreePBX version?

Thanks for the help.

I expect it is a bug in 2.11, but since it is long past end of life it won’t be fixed.

This tool was created exactly for your situation, for people on unsupported (and unsupportable) versions:

Igaetz, thanks for your response, actually I need this for a new project so maybe this time I will use only freePBX and leave back Elastix, fresh install everything brand new and no ties.



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