How stable is it?

Business ready or not?

What kind of question is this? Have you done any research or do you expect someone to respond to your sentence fragment?

FreePBX and Asterisk are deployed worldwide in every size business from 2 users to thousands.

Personally we have entire school districts, primary health care providers, 100+ seat call centers and countless others enjoying the benefits of an open platform.

If you are asking about the FreePBX distro specifically, it has been very stable, solid, and production ready since it was released from beta. The bigger question: Is the network ready?

@ jehwoe that is what I was asking more so the distro…I know asterisk/freepbx is very statble ( I have a handful of Elastix deployments out there) and I’m also a RHCSA so I know the OS (rhel based) is stable.

  • does yum updates break thing
  • does module updates break thing
  • any run away process bugs

With regards to network if its over 5 endpoints I usually try to convey the message to the customer it would be much more beneficial to deploy PoE with vlan capabilities (price/segmentation). But typically once I do a site survey I get the gist of what is needed.

The best way to answer the question is by answering it ( this one ) yourself. Get a box, install the distro and use it.

I have been using it for months in a production environment - very impressed!

Great to see SkykingOH still has his sense of humor.

And I, for one, am SO glad you don’t let him post in your forums. It’s one huge reason that the PiaF forums are a nicer place to be! :wink:

Well, Tony, by defending him, you’ve just lowered my opinion of you. Birds of a feather, and all that.

And by the way, the difference in Ward’s forums is that he expels the folks who don’t want to be nice to others. So no, you probably won’t be able to go there and stir up trouble (if that would be your intent), at least not for long.

My feeling is, if you can’t answer someone’s question without being nice to them, then you shouldn’t answer it at all. If I ask a question, I’d rather hear crickets chirping than get some of the attitude these guys dish out. Personally, I have felt for quite some time that there are two people (neither of whom are developers) that the FreePBX community could do without. One haunts the forums and the other hangs out on the #freepbx IRC channel, and neither one seems capable of offering help without a lot of arrogance and condescension when the mood hits them, which it does far too often.

It just makes you wonder, if these folks get so irritated by newbie questions, why do they participate at all? If they think it’s a stupid question, why not just ignore it and go do something more useful? Is anyone holding a gun to their heads forcing them to read the forum or the IRC channel?

This is a problem that I think certain people have. They think their superior knowledge gives them the right to be arrogant and to treat others badly. NO, IT DOESN’T. If the only way you can “help” someone is by belittling them and trying to make them feel like an idiot, then your help is NOT wanted.

It’s too tempting to characterize such people as “mom’s basement dwellers” that need to get a life outside of FreePBX, but sometimes I wonder if the truth is somewhat darker. Is it possible that some people may have a genuine mean streak that they can only display in online forums (if they acted that way in the real world they’d risk physical harm)? I don’t know, but I just wish that they’d think about how they are going to reply to others and how it is likely to be received. No one enjoys being sh*t upon (unless there is something wrong with them), no matter how badly they may need help. If I was drowning and one of these guys was around, I’d rather they let me drown than pull me out and then try to make me feel like a moron for having gone swimming.

Ward and I don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but one thing I have to give him credit for is that for the most part he keeps his forums a friendly place. Sure there are discussions and disagreements, but new users are not nearly as likely to be attacked, or belittled for getting in over their heads. And no matter what you may feel about Ward, he’s been one of the most instrumental people out there in bringing new users to Asterisk and FreePBX. So if he thinks a particular person is enough of a troublemaker to kick them out of his forums, I’d say he’s earned the right to make that decision, and maybe the FreePBX folks ought to consider that they should do likewise (or at least ask certain people to lay off the nasty responses to the newbies and inexperienced users).

Remember, we were ALL newbies once, and we’ve probably all asked a dumb question or two at some point in our lives!

Well Scott has been a huge asset to the Asterisk community and has helped more people resolve issues than any other single user. Maybe he is just fed up with the constant fighting and dumb questions from people expecting free support and hand holding every step of the way.

It gets old hearing " I sold a system to my customer and now nothing works and I am over my head. Please tell me how to fix it"

Ward also please do not come into FreePBX Forums trying to dig up trouble and making useless comments or others might start doing it back on your forums.

At my core I place principals before per personalities, I am not interested in winning a popularity contest or debating methods.

This post was a question without a clear answer.

If anyone wants to debate priorities, methods, business practices or simply wish to get to know who I am and why I do what I do I will be at Astricon all week.

Sorry guys didn’t mean to start any trouble… I should had framed my question with more information.

And this is why I post less and less on the forums. Sick of all the fighting and bickering and ungrateful people. Maybe I will just stop everything we do for the project all together.

I’m not sure exactly what you are referring to here, but I will just say this. If your expectation is that people will be grateful for being treated badly by arrogant persons, you can forget about it. It’s not going to happen. As I more or less said earlier, being a developer of software (even free software) does not give you some special status where you are entitled to kick people around whenever you feel like it.

But that said, the actual contributions of those who endeavor to make FreePBX better are always appreciated. However, if posting in the forums brings out someone’s bad side, then maybe they should not do that. And frankly, if someone (not necessarily you) simply can’t do work on FreePBX without occasionally coming into the forum and stomping all over the newbies and those with less knowledge, then I for one would prefer they take up some other endeavor. Maybe others (with better attitudes) will step up to fill the gap and maybe not, but if working on a project turns someone into such a sour individual that they have to get their release by making others feel bad, then that sounds like a pretty good indication they should not be working on that project.

In other words, if you are doing something and you start to feel resentment towards those who are the recipients of your efforts, then maybe it really is time to rethink why you are doing it. But again, just because people don’t like being treated badly does NOT in any way mean they do not appreciate the contributions that you or anyone else has made toward FreePBX. Those are two separate issues entirely.

No it was your comment about 'Well, Tony, by defending him, you’ve just lowered my opinion of you" after all Scott has done for this community. I will keep my mouth shut and go back to not trying to help everyone out when this is the treatment we get.

And this thread is now locked. Thank you for your cooperation.